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Jesse Carter, Licensed Massage Therapist

Jesse Carter, Licensed Massage Therapist

Jesse Carter received his massage therapist license from the State of Illinois in 2010.  He attended Midwest Technical Institute in East Peoria and has taken many continuing education classes for massage therapists. As a Licensed Massage Therapist, Jesse Carter performs most massage therapies, including relaxational massage, but  focuses his practice mainly on Deep Tissue massage and Sports massage.

Another specialty of Jesse Carter, is longer, more intense massages. Jesse Carter offers both 90 and 120 minute massages so that problems can truly be addressed.  Many times in the longer massages, he will do deep tissue or sports massage for most of the session, and end it with a relaxational massage.

As a massage therapist who is dedicated to helping his clients, Jesse Carter finds out what their specific needs are and works very hard to meet those needs.

If you are injured, stressed, having migraines or just need to relax, see Licensed Massage Therapist, Jesse Carter for your next massage.

A deep tissue massage is used to treat particular muscular-skeletal problems and uses specific kinds of strokes and pressure to  alleviate problems in the body.   Deep tissue massage affects the superficial and deep layers of muscles and fascia.  The sessions can be intense and sometimes cause the client to be a bit sore for a day or two, giving way to relief of long term problems.  Plenty of water should be drank after a deep tissue massage to flush toxins from the body and help prevent soreness.

Sports massage is target specifically to athletes and athletic injury although it can be used on anyone with repetitive strains or lack of mobility.  Sports massage is great for before, during or after a sporting event to loosen up muscles and help with peak performance.

Longer massage are great for correction of aches and pains.  It allows the body to totally relax and the muscles to warm to deeper pressure from the massage therapist.

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