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Teen Facial – Free with Regular Priced Treatment

Teen Facial – Free with Regular Priced Treatment

A free teen facial for your son or daughter is available in the month of September when you schedule any skin care treatment for yourself.  The teen facial will include a cleansing, exfoliation and extractions, along with guidance on proper home care for their skin.  This is a great way to introduce your teenager to the benefits of taking care of their skin.  

A teen facial can clear up whiteheads, blackheads and pimples or it can simply set a teenager on the path of good skin care routines to help prevent future problems.

The teen facial will start with a cleansing of the skin, using the appropriate cleanser.  The skin will be analyzed and suggestions will be given to them on taking care of their skin at home.  A light exfoliation will then be performed to help ease the extraction phase.  If there are whiteheads, blackheads or pimples, light extractions will be done to purge the pores of oil and bacteria.  A calming masque or serum will then be applied so that your teenager will leave here with minimal redness which should only last about an hour.

The most important home care tip I will provide is the importance of cleansing their skin twice daily, along with the proper way to cleanse the skin.  I always recommend that they use a clean washcloth or a Clarisonic brush.  You don’t want them using the same washcloth every day or a sponge.  This will harbor bacteria and create more problems.

Depending on their skin type, I might recommend a light exfoliation once or twice a week, along with a lotion to correct any problems they might have.

Another step in home care routines that I stress is the importance of sunscreen and staying out of tanning beds.  If you can get your teenager to protect their skin now and make it a lifelong habit, you will be helping them with not only short-term problems like sunburn, but the long-term problems of aging skin.  It’s never too early to prevent aging.

At the end of the teen facial, I like to bring in the parent and go over my thoughts and recommendations on how to help their teenager get through high school with minimal skin problems.

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