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Skin Care Program – Beyond the Basics

Skin Care Program – Beyond the Basics

A good basic skin care program consists of the correct cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen.  This month’s article will focus on what can be added to a basic skin care program to enhance the results you are looking for.  Whether you are concerned with aging, acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation or other skin issues, there are products that can help you reach your skin care goals.  These products can be in the form of toners, serums, scrubs, eye creams and masques.


A toner is an extra step in your skin care program that can be helpful.  You want to use a toner if the facial wash you are using isn’t pH balanced for your skin.  You might also want to use a toner to help get any residue off of your face after cleansing.  Chances are the water you are using to cleanse your face has mineral deposits and chlorine in it, so it is wise to remove all deposits off of your skin before applying corrective products.  Depending on your skin type, there are toners to tighten pores, moisturize the skin, add antioxidants into the skin, calm the skin and much more.


Exfoliating scrubs can be beneficial, if not overdone.  They will help remove dead skin cells and debris, leaving the skin soft and clear.   Exfoliating scrubs can be enzymes which break down the skin cells or granular.  If using a granular scrub, it should be a high quality scrub with no rough edges that can cause micro tears in the skin.  Exfoliating the skin should be kept to a maximum of two times a week, so the skin doesn’t become dry or irritated.


There are masques available for every skin type and condition.  Masques are a great way to get a concentrated delivery of corrective ingredients into the skin.  It’s also a great way to treat yourself – cleanse your skin, exfoliate, put a masque on and kick back and relax for a while.  A masque can be used once to twice a week in your skin care program, or right before an event that you want to look your best for.  There are thousands of masques on the market – you want a high quality, professional product that has enough active ingredients to actually be beneficial to your skin.  You also want one that is designed for your skin type and conditions.  Some of my favorite masques are ones that stimulate circulation and tighten the skin while delivering concentrated doses of vitamins into the skin.

Eye Creams

A frequent question I receive is “should I use an eye cream”.  Eye creams are a great addition to any skin care program, but aren’t always necessary.  If you are using high quality peptide serums and the proper moisturizer, you may not need this extra step.  The goal is to keep the thin skin around the eyes hydrated and plumped up.  Unless your eyes are sensitive to the daily moisturizer you are using, your serums and moisturizers will do this job for you.  An exception would be if you are trying to combat sensitivities and puffiness.  Then, an eye gel with soothing ingredients, such as sea whip, would be beneficial.

What Products Should You Add to Your Skin Care Program

When working with a client, it is important for me to determine how many products a client will realistically use.  Some people will only use three or four products.  Others will be willing to use as many products as it takes to give them maximum benefit.  If I am trying to keep a skin care program simple,  I will recommend a cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen and a serum specific to the person’s skin type.  Serums are typically where you get the most concentrated ingredients to address specific skin care concerns.  In next month’s article I will discuss what kind of serums are best, what ingredients to look for, and which ones to combine for multiple benefits.

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