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Taking Good Care of Your Skin at Home

Taking Good Care of Your Skin at Home

Our skin shows everything.  It shows when we are stressed, when we’ve been exposed to pollution, when we don’t take care of it and when we don’t take care of our bodies.

When you commit to taking care of your skin, you can achieve radiant, beautiful skin in minutes a day.

Start by washing your face two times a day.  Morning cleansing is important because your skin has been busy working all night, so you want to get the oils and dead skin off.  Evening cleansing is important because you definitely want to get all the sweat, grease, pollution, makeup, dirt and bacteria off.

You want to pick a facial cleanser that is suited to your skin type.  A good Esthetician can help you do that.

To properly cleanse, begin by wetting the face with lukewarm water. Apply the
cleanser that is best for your skin type on your face and neck and gently massage
it in circular, upward motions for at least two minutes. Remove by using a
damp wash cloth and warm water.

Toning your Skin
Next, tone your skin using skin freshener (dry skin), skin tonic (normal skin), or
an astringent  (oily, acne).   This step helps remove and remaining residue, remove any impurities from your water source and balance the pH of your skin.

Serums are next, and they are one of the most important parts of a skin care routine.  They are the strongest, most active product.  The two that I almost always recommend are a Vitamin C serum for morning and a Retinol for evening.  Then there are a lot of other serums that will help plump the skin, firm the skin, reduce wrinkles and pigmented spots.

Next, you want to moisturize – yes, even if you are oily.   A moisturizer will help protect the skin and block moisture loss.  Pick one that is right for your skin type.  You may want to have a few on hand.  A lighter weight one for daytime and a heavy, nourishing one for nighttime.  As the seasons change, you may also want to switch up your moisturizer.

When you are applying your serums and moisturizer, take your time.  Let each product penetrate before adding the next one.

Use some massage techniques on your face while applying product.  It not only penetrates the product better, but gives you a chance to practice relaxational self-care.

And, in the morning, need I even say it?  Put on a product with SPF.  I recommend a physical sunscreen containing titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

If you use good products and commit to taking care of your skin two times a day, you will have radiant skin.

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