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Skincare treatments for glowing skin

It is that time of year!  The grass is greening up, flowers are blooming, and summer/fall weddings are fast approaching!   Starting now with your skincare can bring beautiful, glowing skin for that special day or event.

Every bride, and all her bridal party, wants to look beautiful on the most important day of her life.  Great skincare treatments will bring the results you want for your face.  Makeup is important, but the canvas you place that makeup on will make all the difference in how it looks.  The skin should be smooth, clear and hydrated.  Glowing!

special occassion
Wedding day…


There are many different skincare treatments…from relaxing to chemical exfoliations, but all target the end results.  These treatments, spa facial, microdermabrasion, jet peels, hydra facials, chemical exfoliations, all can bring a dull complexion to a radiant glow!  The process sloughs off the dead skin cells, eliminates blackheads and improves the circulation of the skin.  One question we always receive is will the treatment make me break out?  Facial rejuvenation is not made to break you out, but to heal.  That being said, if the skin is well cleaned completely and thoroughly, you should not, but could have something “purge”.  This is a good thing in clearing the skin, but we would not suggest starting the treatment the day, or week, before your wedding day.  Starting six months before your big day is optimum for skin, body, hair and nails, but even two to three weeks will work.


Brides should also remember the neck, decollate and the arms/back, especially if their dress is strapless!  The neck is an extension of the face and should be treated similar.  This includes cleansing and exfoliation and always moisturizer/sunscreen.  The decollette, or chest area, along with the back and arms can be exfoliated each day using a body brush, sugar scrub or mechanical brush such as Clarisonics.  Follow with a moisturizer and sunscreen for smooth, healthy looking body.


I always encourage every women to wear eye creams.  Stress can play havoc leading up to a big day or event.  Your esthetician can do eye treatments which exfoliate the delicate eye area, infuse powerful peptides to minimize those fine lines and assist with the dark circles.  Drinking lots of water and getting good sleep also plays into the appearance of ones eyes.


Don’t forget the lips!   Exfoliate the lips at least once a week with your wet toothbrush and a back and forth motion to remove dead skin cells, or a gentle sugar scrub.  Follow with a good lip balm, for smooth, kissable lips!  Lipsticks and balms with a sunscreen are a must for protecting during the daytime hours.


Last, your hands and feet!   Both need exfoliations, along with hydration on a daily basis.  Your esthetician can offer you numerous treatments and then your manicures/pedicures will look awesome for the big event.

Below are many of the services offered at Infuse Skin and Body for optimum skin:

  • Microdermabrasion – exfoliates the skin so that oils can get out and extractions can be more easily performed.
  • HydraFacial – works like microdermabrasion, but a water solution is applied to the skin to help with exfoliation and soften sebum (oils in the skin).
  • Jet Peel – similar to the “power washing” of your house or car this can be done with no down time.  Using a sterile saline solution it cleanses, exfoliates, and hydrates the skin with no redness/irritation.  Jet peel can be done on your face, neck, hands, and back.
  • Chemical Exfoliations – using alpha hydroxy acids (AHA’s), or beta hydroxy acids (BHA’s), or enzymes which dissolve the glue-like substance which holds our skin cells together.  These treatments remove the upper layer of dead skin cells leaving the skin so much smoother and brighter.
  • Spa Facial – no mechanical tools, but does include cleansing, exfoliation, masks and massage.
  • Micro-current treatments – a non-surgical way to enhance the face/neck by reducing fine lines and wrinkles, sculpting and tightening the skin.  There is no down-time and immediate results.  Micro-current can be performed to achieve the following benefits:
    *  Improve muscle tone in the face and neck
    *  Lift jowels and eyebrows
    *  Improve facial circulationmicrocurrent2-199x300
    *  Aid in lymphatic drainage
    *  Enhance product penetration to treat multiple skin problems   
  • *  Reduce and eliminate fine lines                                                                                                                 Call Infuse Skin and Body today to have your skin glowing for your special event and book a massage for ultimate relaxation.


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Express Facial Treatment

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Rhonda Mock, Esthetician

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