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Total Age Corrector – Fight Glycation

Total Age Corrector – Fight Glycation

Total Age Corrector is one of the newest products at Infuse Skin and Body.  It is a multi-action restoring serum that lifts, contours and illuminates the skin.

Within minutes – see recharged, silky smooth, illuminated skin

Within days – fine lines are minimized, firmness begins

Within weeks – notice visibly lifted, volumized, redensified contours

Over time – skin’s architecture is restored and sagging contours are redefined with Total Age Corrector

Tetrapeptides counteract the effects of gravity, defining and sculpting sagging contours for unparalleled firming

Protecting phyto-melanin shields the skin from the aging light emitted by smartphones, tablets, computer screens and other sources of high energy visible light

Red alge protects against glycation, transforms stiff, dull skin to resiliency and youthfulness


During the month of July, try Total Age Corrector for just $70.00, or if you are currently using it, now is the time to stock up!


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