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Large Pores – Can You Do Anything About Them?

Large Pores – Can You Do Anything About Them?

Large pores – what can you do to make them smaller?  That is a question I am asked almost daily.  A pore is an opening in the skin for the oil glands and hair follicles.  The truth is you cannot permanently shrink a pore, but the good news is that you can minimize the appearance of pores.

Why Do I Have Large Pores?

  • The main reason for a person’s pore size is genetic.  Genetics determine how many pores you will have, their size and how much oil they produce.
  • Skin type is also a factor.  Oily skinned people typically have much larger pores than dry skinned people.  Pores are often more pronounced in the more oily T-zone (nose, forehead, chin)
  • Heriditary background also plays into the size of pores a person has.  Typically, the darker the skin, the larger the pores.
  • Blocked pores that have oil and debris in them can stretch over time.
  • Diminished collagen production, caused by aging and sun damage, also makes pores appear larger.  The skin isn’t as taut so the pores stand out.
  • Clogging makeup, and especially when it is not taken off at night, can stretch pores.

What Can I Do About Large Pores?

You can not physically shrink a pore, unless you have a surgical procedure done.  Really large pores, I’m talking a crater here and there, can be stiched.  Some laser treatments will tighten the skin, making the pores appear less noticeable.  Other than that, there is no magic potion or treatment to make pores shrink – just appear smaller.  If there is scar tissue, though, there is not much, other than possibly laser, that will make them appear smaller.  For normally large pores, the following products and treatments will help.

  • An exfoliation, such as Microdermabrasion or HydraFacial with extractions.  These will keep the debris cleaned out of the pores so that they appear smaller and won’t stretch further.
  • Collagen stimulating treatments such as Ultrasonic and LED to help firm and tighten the skin so that pores are not so apparent.
  • Chemical exfoliations to exfoliate, smooth and tighten the skin.
  • Use retinols that will speed cell turnover and unclog pores
  • Use the correct facial wash for your skin type
  • An astringent can help because they temporarily cause facial tissue to constrict and tighten, reducing the appearance of pore size.  Be careful with this though if you have dry skin.
  • Use a masque – Eminence has a Raspberry Pore Refining Masque that I love for this purpose.  Clay masques will also help tighten the skin and cause the pores to appear smaller.

Large pores are a common concern, but I try to tell my clients to keep in mind that no one else is looking at them through a magnifying mirror.  Make your skin look the best that it can be by keeping your skin clean, exfoliated and choose the right products for your skin type.  Wash your face every night and morning.  And, see your Esthetician on a regular basis.




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