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Facial Cleansers on Sale

Facial Cleansers on Sale

Facial cleansers are on sale the month of November.  With the weather getting colder, and the heaters running all of the time, it may be time to reevaluate the cleanser you are using.  If your skin is feeling dryer, switching to a different cleanser can often help.  PCA’s Creamy Cleanser will remove makeup and impurities without stripping the skin of essential oils.  If you are using a cleanser for oily skin, now might be the time to switch to one for normal skin.  Infuse Your Skin’s Panthenol Cleanser is a great choice for combination or normal to slightly dry and dehydrated skin.  It is a rich, foaming, soap-free gel that hydrates dehydrated skin and protects from moisture loss during cleansing.  Another new Infuse Your Skin product is the Botanical Cleansing Oil.  It is a lightweight oil-to-lotion cleanser that rinses away both oil- and water-soluble debris.  It is perfect for heavy makeup, waterproof mascaras, deeply embedded impurities & environmental pollution.  It can be used as a pre-cleanse for all skin types, or as a primary cleanser for dry, dehydrated, mature or sensitive skin.

No matter which cleanser you choose, all cleansers at Infuse Skin and Body are 25% off for the month of November.



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