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5 of the Best Exfoliations

5 of the Best Exfoliations

Five of the best exfoliations are described here.  Exfoliation is great for the skin.  It keeps the dead skin cells off, so that your skin looks cleaner, brighter and more beautiful.  I recommend a professional exfoliation every four to six weeks.

Here are the five best exfoliations, in my opinion, that will help you achieve beautiful skin with no down-time.

  1. HydraFacial – The HydraFacial treatment uses a rough tipped wand to break up the surface of the skin.  While that is happening, there is a skin care solution that comes out of the handpiece to keep the skin hydrated and assist in the extraction process.  There is a hydrating solution and a solution for oily skin and extractions.  At the end of the HydraFacial, an antioxidant solution is applied to the skin through the handpiece.  Specialty solutions can also be applied during the HydraFacial, including a glycolic/salycilic acid, a peptide solution, a solution for hyperpigmentation and a solution for acne.  Read more here
  2. Microdermabrasion – This treatment also exfoliates the skin.  The handpiece is a bit different – it is a stainless steel want with diamond chips on the end.  The diamond chips break up the dead skin cells and a vacuum sucks away the debris.  Read more here
  3. Chemical Exfoliation – This treatment relies on different types of acid to break up the dead layer of skin.  Mild flaking is possible for a few days after a chemical exfoliation.  Read more here
  4. Ultrasonic Exfoliation – This is a small tool used with a skin care solution to exfoliate the dead layer and clean the pores really well.  It uses ultrasonic waves to push the cleansing solution into the pores and break up debris.  Blackheads can be pushed out with the ultrasonic tool, clearing up the nose, chin, cheeks and forehead.
  5. Arctic Berry Peel – The Arctic Berry Peel is an Eminence Organics treatment that uses ingredients found in nature to exfoliate the skin.  An enzyme exfoliant is used first, then a peel solution is applied over that.  This treatment is followed up with a rich peptide cream to nourish the skin.  The Arctic Berry Peel is a no-peel-peel – no downtime at all.  Read more here.

Want to learn why you should exfoliate, then you will be interested in this article on exfoliations

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