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Aging Neck and Decollete – How to Treat It

Aging Neck and Decollete – How to Treat It

An aging neck and chest (also referred to as decollete) will give away a woman’s age much sooner than her face.  The decollete will show signs of aging much sooner than the face and the rest of the body because the skin in thinner, it is more exposed to the elements and the neck is constantly moving.  Adding to those problems, most women do not pay as much attention to their decollete as they do their face.

Women with beautiful facial skin typically go to great lengths to keep it looking that way.  They cleanse the face both morning and night.  They use peptides and antioxidants, such as Vitamin C and Retinols each day.  Their moisturizer and makeup typically have an SPF in it, and if not, they put a separate SPF on before their makeup.  They exfoliate and masque their skin and get regular skin care treatments. To prevent or reverse signs of an aging neck and decollete, you have to take care of it as well as you take care of  your face.

Aging Neck and Decollete Cleansing

Let’s start with cleansing the skin both morning and night.  Most women will use a cleanser specifically designed for the delicate skin on the face, but use whatever soap is in the shower for the rest of their body – including the aging neck and chest.  Soaps that have harsh chemicals tend to damage the softer skin of the decollete.  Given that the decollete is even more delicate than the face, we should be bringing our facial wash down to our neck and chest.  We should also not skip cleansing the decollete in the evening.  It is very important to get the day’s impurities off and follow the cleansing with night time serums and moisturizers to avoid an aging neck and decollete.

Serums and Moisturizers for Aging Neck and Decollete

aging neck and decolette
Skin care for the neck

Next we should consider what types of serums and moisturizers we should put on the decollete.  The decollete has fewer oil glands than the face, so we should limit products that are drying and use a richer moisturizer specifically designed for the aging neck and decollete.  Retinols can be used on the decollete, but start out slow.  Use them once or twice a week to see how the skin will handle them.  If trying to combat hyperpigmentation on the decollete, use products that contain kojic acid or mushroom or licorice extract instead of hydroquinone.  The results will be slower, but not as irritating to the delicate skin.  Because the decollete has fewer oil glands, a heavier moisturizer is more appropriate.  There are products on the market that combine peptides, retinols and lightening ingredients in a thick, moisturizing base.

When doing exfoliations, masques and skin treatments for an aging neck and decollete, it is important to again remember that the skin is thinner there.  Use mild exfoliants with gentle upward strokes on the chest and neck.   For  spa treatments, I typically recommend a light chemical exfoliation or enzyme exfoliation for the neck and chest to turn over dead skin cells, polish the surface and help build collagen without damaging the skin.

Prevent an Aging Neck and Decollete with Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a very important step in protecting the decollete from sun damage.  Because the skin is thinner, the decollete will often burn quicker and the damage from UV rays will be more extensive and severe.  This will cause loss of collagen and further thinning of the skin, leading to more lines and wrinkles, along with discoloration and broken capillaries.  Most people remember to put sunscreen on their neck and chest when they are laying in the sun, but don’t think about it on a daily basis.  Many moisturizers and foundations have an SPF in them, so the face is generally protected, but when we just use a body lotion on our neck and chest, it is getting UV rays every time you walk out the door.  Include a sunscreen for your decollete into your daily routine.

Do not apply perfume to the neck.  Perfume applied to the neck can cause pigmentation issues, spotty skin and irritation, especially when exposed to sunlight.

You can prevent an aging neck and decollete.  Keep them young looking by giving them the care and attention they need.



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