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Online Scheduling

Online Scheduling

Online scheduling is available at Infuse Skin and Body.  We care about your experience with us. We know you come to us to soothe and rejuvenate your skin, your body and your mind.

We understand you.

That is why we want you to be able to get in touch with us, when you need to, easily and simply with our Online Client Scheduling by Rosy. You can use your tablet, phone or computer to book your appointment online right now. No waiting.

We’re online, because you’re online. And we deliver the the same stress-free convenience and experience that you enjoy when you visit us in person.

We’ve invested in our online client scheduling by Rosy with just one thing in mind: your convenience. Use it to:

  • Look up when you last visited us and what services you enjoyed
  • Look up the time and date of your next appointment
  • Book your next appointment

Infuse Skin and Body wants you to be confident about the services we deliver and our online booking. And you can rest assured that this is all done in a secure environment, we never share your data with anyone.

Simply click here to book your next appointment.

Acne Treatment for Adults and Teens

Acne Treatment for Adults and Teens

Acne Treatment for Adults and Teens An acne treatment for adults and teens can be very different.  There are many different types and grades of acne, and there are many different acne treatments and products available.  How do you know which ones will improve your skin and which acne treatments or products will make it… Continue Reading

Acne System For Healthy Skin

Acne System For Healthy Skin

Our acne system has changed.  While the Dadashie Acne System was very effective for acne sufferers, the company was bought out and the formulations have changed, leaving us with an ineffective acne system.  After much research into what treatments and products would be best for my clients, I have found an acne system that works… Continue Reading

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