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Facials By Time

Facials By Time

Facials, by time, are a way to experience an Infuse treatment, based on your needs, budget and time.  You can schedule a treatment for 30 minutes up to two hours.  This is a great way to schedule a treatment when you don’t know what treatment you want.  There are so many options, and we don’t expect you to know which one is going to be best for you.  When you schedule facials by time, plan on arriving about five minutes before your scheduled appointment so you can fill out a brief form to help us determine what products, machines and techniques will meet your unique needs.

You will be given the choice of a custom treatment or a superior custom treatment.  The difference will be in the machines and products chosen for your service.  A custom treatment will still meet the high standards set at Infuse Skin and Body and was set up for clients trying to stay within a budget.  The superior custom treatment will take advantage of some unique equipment and products that we have to work with.  Whether you choose a 30 minute custom treatment or a 120 minute superior custom treatment, we believe you will leave here happy with the results.

Facials by Time – Custom Treatment/Superior Custom Treatment

  • 30 minutes – $75/100
  • 45 minutes – $100/125
  • 60 minutes – $125/150
  • 75 minutes – $150/160
  • 90 minutes – $160/180
  • 105 minutes – $180/200
  • 120 minutes – $200/225

Some of the many modalities we have available are HydraFacial, microdermabrasion, microcurrent, LED light therapy, Ultrasonic, waxing, chemical exfoliations, organic peels, and lots more.  If you prefer a lot of massage with your facials, we can incorporate that into your time frame.  If you want to focus on your eyes, neck, chest, or even hands – we can do that too. Our goal is to make each individual client happy with the treatment and results that they receive.

You set the expectations, we’ll meet them!


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