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Facial – The Different Meanings of the Treatment

Facials are a wonderful thing.  There are many different types of facials and facial care. When people call to schedule a facial, we try to ask the right questions to determine what kind of treatment they are really looking for.

facial at INFUSE
Relax with a spa facial

A traditional spa facial is a relaxing treatment that cleanses, exfoliates and helps the skin with manual methods.  There are no machines used in a spa facial, so it is not as results driven as other facial treatments, but there is a place for it on a spa menu.  If your main goal is to relax and do something good for your skin, then a spa facial is probably for you.  Spa facials include a lot of face, neck and shoulder massage, along with a thorough cleansing, an exfoliation with a gritty or enzyme scrub and a mask for specific problems.

If you are looking for long-term correction of specific problems, such as acne, rosacea, aging skin, hyperpigmentation, melasma, oily skin, dry skin, etc., then you may want to consider a facial treatment that uses more advanced technology.

At INFUSE, we offer microdermabrasion, HydraFacials, Jet Peels, Microcurrent, LED and Ultrasonic, along with chemical exfoliations.

Microdermabrasion is a process where a stainless steel wand with diamond chips on the tip break up dead skin and vacuum away the debris.

HydraFacials and Jet Peels are hydradermabrasion treatments that do the same as a microdermabrasion, but incorporate skin care solutions for normal/dry skin and normal/oily skin.

Microcurrent uses electrical currents to stimulate muscles to cause a lifting and tightening of the skin.

LED uses light emitting diodes to stimulate collagen, help with fine lines and wrinkles, kill acne bacteria and penetrate products.

Ultrasonic uses pulses to penetrate products and stimulate collagen.

By doing an exfoliation every 4-6 weeks, you are causing a repair mechanism to take place, in turn building collagen and reducing pigmentation problems.

Chemical exfoliations uses a blend of different acids to exfoliate the dead layer of skin.  Other ingredients can be incorporated to control oil or acne or help lighten hyperpigmentation, melasma and brown spots on the skin.

When booking an appointment with one of our Estheticians for a facial at INFUSE Skin and Body, this should help you decide what kind of a facial you are looking for.

By:  Mary Hayse, Licensed Esthetician

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