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Dry Skin – What You Can Do About It

Dry Skin – What You Can Do About It

Dry Skin – What you can do about it

Dry skin time is here again.  As soon as the weather gets cold, the thermostats go up and all of the moisture is sucked out of the air, I start hearing from my clients that they have dry skin.  Here are some tips to keep your skin moisturized and smooth through the dry winter months:

  • Sleep with a humidifier.  Even if you have a whole house humidifier, you will notice a big difference in your dry skin if you sleep with a tabletop one in your bedroom.
  • Change up your products – The serums and moisturizers that keep your skin supple and smooth during the summer might not be enough for the winter.  Talk to us about a richer moisturizer or a serum that will hydrate your skin more.
  • Drink more water.  I have seen a lot of articles lately that are claiming that extra water does not help dry skin.  I know from experience that when I haven’t been drinking the proper amount of water, my face looks more wrinkled and feels drier.
  • Exercise – breaking a sweat will purge debris and oils from the pores, keeping your natural oils flowing which will keep dry skin at bay.
  • Skip the hot shower – I know it feels good, but hot showers will make dry skin worse.  Also, wash your face with tepid water, not hot water.
  • Cut back on at-home exfoliations.  Too much scrubbing can remove the moisture barrier from your skin.
  • Don’t cut back on monthly skin treatments – this is the time when your dry skin needs to be properly exfoliated so oils can be released.  After an exfoliation, we will make sure that your skin is hydrated and the surface protected from moisture loss.
  • Eat better – fruits, vegetables and and essential fatty oils will add moisture to the skin.  Some great choices are salmon, avocados, nuts and seeds, olive oil, spinach, canteloupe and  pinneaple.

If you need help finding the right treatments or products for dry skin, set up an appointment for a skin care consultation before your skin gets too dry.

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