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Dadashie Acne System – Help for Acne Skin

Dadashie Acne System – Help for Acne Skin

Dadashie Acne System

The Dadashie Acne System is a combination of home care and in spa treatments for a 12 week period.  The Dadashie Acne Treatments cannot be done if the Dadashie Acne Home Care is not being followed.  The Dadashie Acne Home Care can not be used if the Dadashie treatments are not done weekly.

There is a maintenance kit that can be used if in spa treatments cannot be done.  While it is very effective, the results will not be as dramatic as completing the whole program of home care and spa treatments.

Dadashie Acne Home Care

The home care part of the Dadashie Acne System is easy.  Each morning and evening, a cleanser is used and a cream applied.  Every other night, a masque is applied to the skin and left on for five minutes.  The cream that is used will periodically be changed, depending on the reaction of the skin.  That’s it – 3 easy products.  Because the cream is being changed periodically, the skin doesn’t plateau like it does with other systems.

While going through the Dadashie acne program, no other products can be used on the skin.  We do carry a gel moisturizer if this skin is extremely dry, and a special sunscreen that will not alter the effects of Dadashie.

Dadashie Acne Results
Results from Dadashie Acne treatments

Dadashie Acne Treatment

The weekly treatments are quick and painless.  The skin is first cleansed.  An enzyme solution is then applied and an LED lamp is placed over the face for five minutes.  The dry, dead skin is then scraped off with a hand-held tool.  After that, extractions can be done on any pustules that are ready.  Once the skin is prepped, a masque is applied to the skin for 3-5 minutes and then washed off.  High frequency is used over the entire face to help kill any bacteria and to calm irritation and inflammation.

The night of a treatment is a night off.  It is not necessary to use any creams or masques that night.  The weekly treatment takes approximately 30 minutes.

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