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Cooling Rosacea Treatment

Cooling Rosacea Treatment

The Cooling Rosacea Treatment is designed to calm, soothe and smooth the skin with products specifically designed to calm irritation, decrease redness, even skin tone, strengthen delicate capillaries and protect the skin.  The key ingredients in many of the products used are copper peptides which are essential to tissue repair and stabilization of skin proteins.  Endosomes which is a DNA repair enzyme.  Sodium Hyaluronate which gives intense moisture.  In addition to those ingredients, they are many other ingredients designed to soothe and smooth the skin, along with providing anti-aging benefits.

How to Prepare for a Cooling Rosacea Treatment

During the week prior to your treatment:

  • Do not tan or use a self-tanner
  • Do not use aggressive scrubs or masks
  • Do not get Botox or Injectable Fillers
  • Discontinue prescription strength Retin A

What to Expect During a Cooling Rosacea Treatment

Everything used in this rosacea treatment is designed to calm and smooth the skin.  From the first cleanse to the last moisturizer, all products are gentle, yet effective.  In addition to the products used, cooling globes and lymphatic drainage massage are incorporated into the treatment.

This treatment is a gentle and relaxing treatment that takes approximately 45 minutes.

What Happens After a Cooling Rosacea Treatment

Your skin will feel smooth and healthy.   Your redness will be diminished and feel cool.

How Often Should You Receive a Microdermabrasion

Ideally, once every four to six weeks for optimum skin care. However, this is a gentle treatment that can be done as often as you would like.

It’s important to note that there is no “quick fix” for rosacea or a cure.  At this time, the best you can do is control it with lifestyle changes, calming treatments and/or medications from a physician.

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