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Client-Esthetician Relationships

Client-Esthetician Relationships

The relationship between a client and Esthetician  is similar to that of a patient and doctor….it has to honest and real!  Have you ever gone to get your lip waxed, or brows, and had the skin unexpectantly lift off? You always wax and never have any problems.  Why now?  Did you forget to tell your Esthetician about the changes in medications or maybe the recent use of RetinA, retinols or AHAs?  It happens more often than most people realize.  Your relationship with your Esthetician is based on clear, concise communication between both parties.    What about that Botox injection or filler?  You should wait one week between injections and skin care treatments.  The reason for this is any massage/rubbing after an injection could cause the toxins to migrate to another area of the face.   Let’s be honest, your Esthetician wants you to be happy with your treatments and your skin looking its best,  just as much as you want that glow and special look!


Skin care is not a luxury, it is a treatment of the largest organ on the body. Everything from rosacea, acne and anti-aging can be addressed and your Esthetician can recommend proper home care using quality cosmecueticals.  Your relationship begins on your initial visit, when you will be asked to share detailed information regarding your skin, health, and product usage.   Arriving on time to your visit with your Esthetician is crucial to complete the service you have requested, or that is recommended for your skin.   Listed below are some of the major questions for success in treatments.


  •  What type of skin do you have?
  •  Do you tan? Easily or burn?
  •  What medications are you currently taking?
  •  Are you taking antibiotics oral/topical? Tetracycline?
  •  Are you using Retin A? Accutane?
  •  Have you recently had any cosmetic procedures such as laser resurfacing, Botox,
  •     or any other enhancers/fillers?
  •  Any prior cosmetic peels?
  •  Do you smoke?
  •  Prior to today, what types of treatments have you done on your skin at home?
  •     Professionally?  Results?
  •  Pregnant?    Oral contraceptives?
  •  How much water do you drink per day?
  •  Do you prefer simple routines at home like cleanse and moisturize, or do you like
  •     to add in additional products?
  •  What are your top 3 concerns for your skin?
skin care consultation
We offer complimentary skin care consultations

These are an example of just a few important questions that can be asked.  On your future visits continue to share any lifestyle, medication or product changes.  Great communication between you and your Esthetican will provide excellent results on your skin.

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