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Acne System For Healthy Skin

Acne System For Healthy Skin

Our acne system has changed.  While the Dadashie Acne System was very effective for acne sufferers, the company was bought out and the formulations have changed, leaving us with an ineffective acne system.  After much research into what treatments and products would be best for my clients, I have found an acne system that works extremely well, uses safe and natural ingredients and the home care is a simple three step process.

Acne System Details

It is important to understand when dealing with acne that it is not a simple one treatment fix.  That is why we call it an acne system, not an acne treatment.  The first step is a thorough consultation where we determine what grade of acne you have and go over all of the different aspects that can affect acne, including diet, lifestyle and products.  The correct treatment will be determined for your specific skin type.  This treatment could be a chemical exfoliation, microdermabrasion, HydraFacial, LED facial treatment, or some combination of these skin care treatments.  A treatment will then be performed that will start the clearing and healing process.  You will go home with a home care kit and instructions on how to use it and recommendations on what lifestyle changes you might make to improve your skin.  Depending on the grade of acne, we will set a follow-up appointment at the spa for two to four weeks.  At that time we will determine how often maintenance treatments should be done and possibly make some changes to the home care products.

Acne System Ingredients

acne system for pimples
Acne system before
acne system peoria
Acne system after

There are multiple causes of acne and with this acne system, we will be addressing those causes and not just the symptoms.  The ingredients in this acne system help control oil production and effectively kill the leading acne bacteria, propionibacterium acnes..  There are also ingredients that address inflammation involved in acne issues.  This system uses a poultice that draws out the infection and inflammation.  Also included in this acne system are moisturizers to keep the skin from drying out without clogging the pores.  This system also includes antioxidants for healing the skin and creating good skin health.

Because this acne system focuses on irritation and inflammation, it is also an excellent choice for rosacea sufferers.

April Special

The initial consultation, including an in-spa treatment and home care products is $150.00.  After that, individual acne treatments are $100.

During the month of April, receive a consultation/treatment/home care products for just $125.00.

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