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50% Off Select Products

50% Off Select Products

It’s the end of the year, and I’m cleaning my product shelves to make way for my most popular products.  I have quite a few products that I will no longer be carrying that I want to go to a good home.  None of these products are expired, and all are still very good products, I just can’t carry everything!  If you purchase one of these products and love it, I can still order them for you, I’m just not keeping them in stock.  So, here’s the list – let me know right away if you would like me to reserve any of them for you, as most of them I only have one – some of them I have two or three of.

Eminence Organics

Bright Skin Starter Kit – Pigment lightening

Firm Skin Starter Kit – Anti Aging routine for normal to dry skin types

Age Corrective Starter Kit – For normal to dry, mature skin types

Monoi Age Corrective Exfoliating Cleanser – Refining cleanser for normal to dry skin types –

Citrus Exfoliating Wash – Gentle exfoliating wash for oily to normal skin types

Eucalyptus Cleansing Concentrate – cleansing gel for combination to oily skin types

Red Current Mattifying Mist – age preventative mattifying mist for normal to combination skin types

Soothing Chamomile Tonique – Soothing toner for all skin types

Green Tea & Guava Fortifying Serum – Firming and lifting for all skin types

Stone Crop Serum – High potency hydration and lightening for all skin types

Cucumber Eye Gel – Relief for puffy, stressed eyes

Bright Skin Masque – Pigment lightening

PCA Skin

Body Therapy – Body moisturizer designed to hydrate and moisturize the skin.  Encourages a clear, even complexion

Ideal Complex Restorative Eye Cream – hypoallergenic anti-aging eye cream that strengthens, firms and lifts

Purifying Mask – gently exfoliates, detoxifies and removes impurities

Gentle Exfoliant – A light and creamy cleansing scrub to exfoliate and polish the skin

Dry Skin Relief Bar – A gentle cleansing bar that soothes and supports dry skin


Call, send me a text or an e-mail if you want to reserve one of these products at 50% off.  First come, first serve.





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